We offer rolls of Nonwoven Spunbond that you can use for hospital supplies, packaging and storage, home, agriculture among others.

Our company

GYGATEX USA, it’s a company created by two proud Colombian female entrepreneurs living in the United States, completely passionate about achieving their goals and knowledgeable in logistics and commercial areas with a clear vision in business globalization. We consolidated as a company by making a strategic alliance with plastic manufacturer Gigaplast, a company that counts with more than 10 years of experience in the Colombian market, with advanced technology to produce Nonwoven Spunbond. The idea of creating a company to market Nonwoven Spunbond in other countries is the result of using Gigaplast’s advanced machinery.

Nonwomen Spunbond

Nonwoven Spundbond it’s a product used in different sectors of our economy. As a result of Covid-19 it had a growing demand around the world, and for this reason our main goal is to satisfy the new supply needs, with a focus in the United States market.

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Alluding to our slogan: “Trust and Support on Time”, we will use competitive advantage by providing better delivery times to customers; always offering excellent quality product, and generate a win-win business relationships to endure a lifetime.



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Product and Especifications

1- Commercial Name : Nonwoven Spunbond

2- Raw Material : Polypropylene PP3155E3

3- Dimensions: Rollos x 1.60 mts de Long

4- Caliber: Between 13 & 150 Grames


Hospital Supplies

Packaging and